Meyer Services: What My Clients Say



What My Clients Say

"Shmuel is definitely an "out-of-the-box" computer specialist, not the "run-of-the-mill" computer technician. When I was bed-ridden, he went out of his way to make my laptop operable with dual operating systems (Windows and Linux) and coordinated pick-up and delivery with my son so I'd have the laptop until I was on my feet again. I highly recommend him for all of your computer needs." SK

"Shmuel advises on the pros and cons at each step in the process making it clear what the possible outcomes can be. He does exactly what is asked without throwing in unneeded and costly extras. Shmuel is personable, honest, and takes the time to explain." JW

"Ever have computer issues that no one can seem to resolve? Well I decided to take my [non-working] computer along with me on a recent trip to Israel in the hope of finding someone smarter than the average bear to do the repair. Finding Shmuel in Jerusalem was a gift from heaven. I have personally benefited from Shmuel’s ability to think outside the box to resolve technical issues and willingness to go the extra kilometer for customer satisfaction. For your specialty/non-standard personal and corporate computer hardware, software and data needs – locally in Israel as well as internationally -- Shmuel Meyer is your man!" MW

"Mr Meyer was able to solve our problems in a prompt and timely fashion. We where very happy with the efficiency and professionalism displayed. I highly recommend Mr Meyer and should the need ever again arise will hire him in the future." RS

“Like many of us, I always had in mind to back up our computer, with all those pictures and documents so important to us. Needless to say, that didn’t happen. So when Mayer Services offered a deal to back up the entire hard disk for a fee of 21 NIS per month, I jumped at the opportunity. Just a short time after his program finished the job of copying our files to a “cloud” our hard disk crashed! How lucky we didn’t wait to “lock the barn door after the horse escaped.” Thanks to Mayer Services for offering this excellent and timely service.” MG

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