Philosophy For Life

I have a relatively simple philosophy for life: help people.

For those of you that know me personally or at least know me online, you know that I try very hard to help people. That's what I do.

There is a simple way for all of us to change for the better. I spout it at every opportunity. Please take 2 and a half minutes and watch this video clip: We've Gotta Live Together

A similar, not specifically Jewish video is:
Kindness Boomerang

The idea in the videos is really straightforward. I personally try to implement what is in the clips. I have taught it to my kids way before these clips were made. (Ask them!) But I also run a project on a larger scale: the computer gemach. (Hebrew for "acts of kindness")

I have been operating the computer gemach in Jerusalem for more than 15 years now. The gemach is just a one man operation. I gather used systems and parts and put together working computers. These refurbished computers are then donated to needy individuals and organizations. This includes people who are trying to get on their feet financially, sick children and various charities.

There is a need for what I am doing. People are always asking for help. There is no bureaucracy here. People explain their situation and I try to help. A side benefit is that it helps the ecology by keeping computers out of landfills.

After all these years, I am being forced to close the computer gemach if YOU don't help. I cannot pay the rent on the small storage room / work room that I use for it. I owe my landlord over a year in back rent. This debt goes against all that I believe in. I am causing him damage. This is not the way I want to run my life. Sometimes it's best to just quit.

Everything that I have done in the realm of fundraising has failed. I get tons of positive feedback, lots of offers of hardware and pleas for help, but next to no actual financial support.

I need help. No donation is too small.

If you you want to contribute PLEASE be in touch. I can accept PayPal, checks by mail or even cash!

If you have any questions or need any further information, also be in touch.

Feel free to pass this on to anyone that might be interested.

Please help.


How to contact us:

15 Mirsky Street, Jerusalem, Israel P.O. Box 23091, Jerusalem, Israel
TELEPHONE   972-2-5862017 FAX   972-2-5862695