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Why do we do so many diverse things?

I have always had many varied interests. I don't fit into any mold and never have.


   Growing up in the USA, I was in the Boys    Scouts all through high school (never    earning even one merit badge),

I was active in Young Judaea (that's what gave me the desire to move to Israel) and I played basketball (not varsity, but good enough to play with the best players at the main baskets). All at the same time.


And I can't forget about books. I have been an avid reader since getting a library card at the old, main branch of the Yonkers Public Library. I will never forget that beautiful building.

I have worked since I was 12, but I operated a micro-business even before that. (Anyone remember what a "Big Mail" is?) Over all those years I have delivered newspapers, been a bus boy in an Italian restaurant, I was a cook in numerous places and the purchasing and supply manager of a major hotel for 8 years.

I have never figured out why, but helping others is in my blood. I volunteered with Yad Sarah and Amcha. I operate a computer gemach. Among other things.

It spills over to the way I do business.

I like to partners with others. Sometimes it is to help them, sometimes to help me. In the end, I hope we both benefit.